Cryotherapy is the perfect treatment for injury relief, rehabilitation and pain management. It helps reduce swelling and improves the bodies natural repair process and improve circulation for injuries. By directing the treatment to specific areas the cold gas gives immediate analgesic effect to painful and injured areas which are then flooded with healing, blood, nutrients and oxygen. This shortens recovery time and improves flexibility for the client enabling a return to their chosen activity in a much quicker time. The same technique helps improve the quality of life for people who suffer long term illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Chronic pain syndrome, Lymph drainage, phantom pain relief and many more. Again the reduction of inflammation and improvement of blood and nutrient flow helps the body fight against these ailments and improve the symptoms. Cryotherapy is coupled with my knowledge of massage techniques to help the client recover as quickly as possible or manage pain at the optimum rate.

The benefits of Ice treatment can also be used to sculpt the body and give immediate inch loss. Changing the make up of the fat cells in the body to enable them to be drained naturally through the lymphatic system. The metabolic rate is increased, extra calories are burnt due to the temperature drop and also skin tone tightened and improved through the extra collagen production. This enhances the healthy lifestyle of the client and will help progress health goals. The facelift treatments also benefit from the extra collagen produced and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness to the eyes and blackness. Pore size is reduced to prevent the penetration pf toxins into the skin from outside and the lymphatic system improved to drain the toxins from within the system. Treatment sessions are all delivered following a short health questionnaire for all new clients and any aftercare recommendations required will be detailed following the treatment.

No surgery, no chemicals just kindness to the body to enhance the natural processes.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is generally a massage geared towards athletes of every level to help muscles, tendons and fascia that are repeatedly over worked or regularly receive aggressive impact or movement as part of a sporting activity. Sports massage is a specific application of deeper tissue massage, motion techniques and manipulation and strength training. These are used together to achieve specific goals such as pre or post event treatments, recovery and rehabilitation from injury as well as in rest periods for athletes. Different specific techniques are applied to the client depending on which sporting activity has caused any damage but many athletes use these massages as part of their regular training regime as massage increases flexibility and motion, helps eliminate by products of exercise such as Lactic Acid, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body as well as shortening recovery time and reducing pain to muscles in training.

Indian Head Massage

Over many centuries and through many cultures massage has been seen as a necessary therapy to aid recovery from many ailments both mental and physical. This is needed even more today in our hectic lives and even more cultures promote the use of massage as an everyday necessity to ensure a good sense of inner peace, well being and to lift energy levels. Indian Head massage uses a combination of deep massage and pressure points to relax tense muscles and melt away knots to relieve stress and strain. Again treatments can either be delivered in half hour or hour long sessions following an initial short health consultation for all new clients. Shorter treatments include the neck, head and face, while longer treatments are extended to include the upper back, upper arms and shoulders also. Any after care recommendations required will be detailed following the treatment.

Massage and Aromatherapy

In today's hectic and intense lifestyle we all experience fatigue, stress and injury. The massage therapy I provide will relieve stress and tension aiding relaxation and the illusive sense of total well being. Using Swedish Massage as a base technique I tailor the massage to your individual needs to invigorate and energise, relax tense muscles and relieve stress or aid recovery, improve flexibility and promote muscle function and a sense of wellbeing. Other techniques are used to make the treatment bespoke to the individual and break down adhesions, rehabilitate injured areas, swell as relax and rejuvenate. All massage is completed using Neals Yard Products with premixed essential oils, which are also available to buy in the salon. Treatments can either be delivered in half hour or hour long sessions following an initial short health consultation for all new clients. Any after care recommendations required will be detailed following the treatment.

Pregnancy Massage

Two bespoke massages developed from swedish massage, Indian head and specialist muscle relief techniques to focus on the benefits for the mum-to be. The first treatment is a 30 minute therapy focusing on specific areas that are tight and causing discomfort for the mum-to-be. The second is a 90 minute full body massage focusing on all muscles to release tension, improve circulation and general body and skin tone and relieve mental and physical fatigue. Finished off with a wonderful facial and indian head massage to fully relax and ready mum for her new arrival in a sanctuary of calm. These can be delivered pre or post natal.

Ear Candling

A centuries old medicine used to help relieve symptoms of headaches, ear congestion and sinus problems. A hollow candle that is rolled into the shape of a tube is placed in the ear and lit. The heat and essential oils may help to soften any wax build up and draw out impurities through the candle. Complemented with a massage of the shoulders, neck and face the client is completely relaxed and relieved of stress. These treatments are an hour long and will relieve the client of all stress and tension especially concentrating in the shoulder, neck and facial area.


This is an ancient Chinese technique using pressure-point massage on the hands or feet to restore the natural energy flow throughout the entire body. Every part of the body including bones, joints and organs are reflected and mapped in zones that culminate at the nerve endings and reflexes of the hands and feet. By using pressure and manipulation on these in the hour long therapy, nerve function and blood supply can be improved helping to alleviate stress and improve other health problems. This stimulation helps restore balance throughout the body which in turn will help the body naturally begin to heal itself.

Hot Stones Therapy

Developed from a native American Indian medicine practice, hot stone massage is a specialty massage where smooth heated stones are used with blended oils as an extension of the therapists own hands. They are also placed on the body to penetrate heat through the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so that the massage can be completed more deeply and more quickly. Hot stone therapy is delivered in an hours treatment only.

Corporate Wellbeing Events

These are events that have been devised by myself Emma Winter and my colleague, Anna Ferguson, to decrease stress and ill health in the workplace.

We are both highly trained professionals who will bring all required equipment to your place of work and help equip your staff with techniques and information to successfully reduce stress and anxiety that can cause many underlying health issues.

As qualified health and wellbeing experts we aim to assist you, as a company, in reducing the costs of sickness in the workplace by providing the following services. These adhere to policy’s that I’m sure you already have in place, for care within the workplace for your employees.

  • Massage Therapy
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Hot stone Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Alexander Technique
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Fitness/Health Screening

Pamper Parties

We all have those events where nothing hits the spot quite like being pampered. Sometimes however the price is too much to stretch to or it means making it not quite that day that you wanted. I can offer a day of pampering for groups with the added convenience and comfort of being in your own home or at a venue of your choice.

I can offer all the same treatments that I would normally offer for everyone in your party to enjoy. A ten percent non-refundable deposit will secure your date and I will arrive with everything needed for the day to pamper you and your guests. You can concentrate on relaxing with your friends and enjoying yourselves.

My last ladies came all the way from Ireland to visit family in Skipton, North Yorkshire and I travelled up for the day to treat them all to many different therapies. Each lady was treated in a separate room for the therapy and returned to everyone else to carry on enjoying fine wine and a lovely array of food without any stress or rush and at considerably less money than the nearest spa.